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The RAEGE radio telescope at Yebes is finished and operational; the station, equipped with the new broadband receiver, has participated in the first intercontinental VGOS observation in june 2016 (see the Aug2016 IVS Newsletter ). 

First intercontinental VGOS fringes

The 22nd European VLBI for Geodesy and Astrometry (EVGA) Working Meeting will be organized at Sao Miguel (Azores) on May 17-21, 2015

The scope of this meeting covers all aspects of geodetic and astrometric VLBI including hardware, correlation, analysis and results both scientifically and technologically. The meeting will be combined with the inauguration of the RAEGE / VGOS antenna at Santa Maria on May 20.

The 16th IVS analysis Workshop will be organized on May 21. and is devoted to discussions of the operational aspects of data analysis in the framework of IVS.

Schedule of events:

More information on the website: http://evga2015.raege.net/